Artist Statement

Graphite on paper 24 in x 34 in
Transmission, graphite on paper, 24 in x 34 in

In my visual work I have been engaged in an investigation of the inner structures of forms from nature and the hidden dimensions of natural processes. I have developed these ideas through a number of media such as painting, printmaking and drawing, as each medium reveals a particular visual quality as the realization of the concepts are explored. I use printed material as a stimulus for an idea, and often work in a collage manner by reconstructing found images from scientific sources. Images from biology, particle physics, satellite photography, biotechnology, radiology, and geological survey maps, have all served as influences on my work.

Much of what we are able to see in the natural world is mediated by technology. The relationship between what is seen and technological means of imaging nature is central to my work. Some images seem to depict expanding cellular forms, and some suggest an inner world of mysterious forces and events, the beginning or end of a transformative process. The perceived scale of the images could range from the cosmic to the microscopic world of cell mutation. There are various associations and interpretations connected to the work, and the images can be seen as metaphors for the human impulse to search for hidden meaning within these natural structures.